BLOG | 15 SEP 2020 :
Useful instructions for cleaning and best maintaining your carpet
BLOG | 15 SEP 2020

Useful instructions for cleaning and best maintaining your carpet


How do you properly maintain a much loved carpet in order to keep it clean and timeless? The first and most important step is to wisely choose the material from which it is made. At Aslanoglou we recommend natural materials such as wool, silk, linen, bamboo, cotton or mohair. Natural materials help your carpet preserve its original appearance, they are antistatic, harder to soil and easier to clean.

Take note! Here are the three basic rules to help you keep your rug in perfect condition:

  • Vacuum it often, at least once a week, insisting on areas that endure heavy foot traffic.
  • Remove any stains, immediately!! Do not hesitate to act on the spot, even in front of the careless guests who may have caused the damage. They will probably feel relieved when they see that the stain they caused has disappeared.
  • Periodically, once or twice a year, invest in a good and thorough cleaning of your carpet, preferably dry, by contacting a professional on-the-spot cleaning service or the carpet cleaners.

Cleaning with a vacuum

Use a good vacuum cleaner with a rotating head and strong absorbency, being careful not to switch it to the brush which can injure your carpets.

Stain removal

One of the most important points for the proper maintenance of your carpet is the removal of stains. The golden rule here is IMMEDIATE intervention! This makes quite a difference between having a stain be imprinted on your carpet or not. By intervening immediately, the stain will not remain imprinted on your carpet. The appropriate method is as follows: For wet stains, first use plain kitchen paper to absorb the liquid, trying not to let it spread. On solid stains, first remove dirty material with a spoon. Then follow the relevant instructions in the table below, depending on the type of stain.

Always work from the outside inwards, besieging the stain so that it does not spread. Add detergent in small and gradual doses, trying not to dampen the stain too much, using absorbent paper in between. Do not rub the stain vigorously – rubbing spreads dirt and damages the pile. Rinse the area with small amounts of tap water and finally place a significant volume of absorbent paper on the spot in order to dry it out, placing a heavy object over it. Change the paper frequently until the spot is dry. In case of strong detergents, we first recommend testing them in a non-visible part of the carpet, in order to check the reaction of the pile to the specific chemical.

Periodic cleaning

Use traditional ways, such as a mix of water and vinegar that enlivens the colors of your carpet disinfecting it at the same time, or seek the help of professionals. We recommend waterproofing your carpet, a treatment that helps its maintenance in the best way. Make sure, however, to repeat the waterproofing treatment at the end of each periodic cleaning.

Instructions for stain removal

Type of stain 1stο Step 2ndο Step 3rdο Step
Drinks 4 1 5
Blood 4 5
Burn|Scrotching 13 14
Butter 2 1
Wax 6 2
Gum 7
Chocolate 1 2
Coca Cola 4 1
Cream 1 2
Egg 1
Floor Polish 2
Juice 4 1 5
Furniture Varnish 2 1 15
Sauce 3 1
Bic pen ink 8 1
Loose pen ink 4 5
Lipstick 2 1
Metal Varnish 1
Milk 3 1
Mustard 1
Nail Polish 9 2
Oil 2 1
Paint 4 1
Oil paint 10 2 1
Salad Dressing 1 2
Shoe Varnish 2 1
Ash 11 1 15
Tar 2
Urine| new stain 1
Urine| old stain 15
Vomit 1 5
Wine 12 4 5


Type of treatment

  1. Carpet shampoo
  2. Dry cleaning liquid
  3. Warm water
  4. Cold water
  5. Laundry detergent / 1 teaspoon in 250 ml of lukewarm water
  6. Blotter / absorbent paper and iron
  7. Chewing gum remover
  8. White alcohol
  9. Acetone
  10. Turpentine
  11. Vacuum cleaner
  12. Salt
  13. Scratching with nails
  14. Soft rubbing with sandpaper
  15. Inviting a professional cleaner


Your opinion, as well as your impression regarding our carpets are very valuable to us and we will be very happy to listen to what you have to say.