BLOG | 06 OCT 2018 :
Paper yarn: Questions and answers
BLOG | 06 OCT 2018

Paper yarn: Questions and answers

Paper yarn carpets by Woodnotes
Paper yarn carpets by Woodnotes

Woodnotes is a Finnish company producing design products and was founded in 1987 by Ritva Puotila and her son Mikko. The original idea behind Woodnotes‘ products was to combine artistic creation, inspired by the wild nature of Finland, with advanced technologies, using the most remarkable Finnish raw materials: wood and paper. Woodnotes is the first company in the world to use paper yarn in a modern way to fabricate inspired textiles.

Woodnotes specializes in the development and processing of paper yarn, which is used as a raw material in the production of almost all its products. Paper yarn is an authentic, natural material consisting of an ecologically produced renewable resource, wood.

The strength and durability of the yarn is a result of wood fibers. Paper yarn is both healthy and safe. Due to the fiber density, the yarns do not collect dust or dirt which is an important property and are ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Paper yarn is spun from kraft paper, which is also used as a raw material in the food packaging.

Because environmental concerns play a central role in all Woodnotes‘ production activities, paperyarns and finished products can be recycled as they are biodegradable or burned to produce energy. Paper yarn is produced without the use of chlorine gas, and pigments used to color the yarns contain neither organic halogen compounds nor heavy metals. Woodnotes and its associates are constantly looking for new ways to improve their environmental competitiveness.

Woodnotes κουρτίνα από πολτοποιημένο ξύλο (paper yarn)

Paper yarn curtains by Woodnotes

Καλύμματα μαξιλαριών από πολτοποιημένο ξύλο από την Woodnotes

Paper yarn cushions by Woodnotes

Mini My by Woodnotes με αφαιρούμενο κάλυμμα από πολτοποιημένο ξύλο και βαμβάκι με αντιστατικές ιδιότητες

Mini My paper yarn pouf by Woodnotes