BLOG | 16 APR 2018 :
Edelgrund | A Persian tradition
BLOG | 16 APR 2018

Edelgrund | A Persian tradition

The Massal collection by Edelgrund.

The Massal collection by Edelgrund.

Edelgrund’ s philosophy.
Edelgrund’ s goal is to create unique modern and timeless designs for today and future generations. Design plays a fundamental role for Edelgrund’ s carpets and kilims. The combination of diverse materials, structure and fascinating colors distinguishes Edelgrund carpets making them stand out from others. Every single carpet is unique and represents its own characteristics and personality.

Edelgrund’s best materials.
Edelgrund’ s experts scout the best, top grade raw materials to ensure the highest of quality. Edelgrund’ s design creations are made with 100% handpicked wool, colored with natural vegetable dyes and hand spun. Edelgrund takes it a step further by adding high quality linen, a special hemp mixture and other natural materials to create an array of colors and feeling to the carpets.

Edelgrund superior craftsmanship.
While using the very best material is essential, the excellent craftsmanship plays a major role in developing Edelgrund’ s unique creations. The ancient and proven techniques of weaving and knotting guarantees the durability and quality of Edelgrund’ s carpets and kilims.

The Designers.
Ali and Reza Lotfi’ s knowledge of Persian culture, combined with the art of traditional weaving and knotting techniques, allows them to effectively play with colors and textures to create modern and timeless pieces that fit into any environment. Every single carpet is unique and represents its own characteristics, personality and unique story to tell.


The Massal Collection by Edelgrund now on show at Aslanoglou. The Massal Collection is created in the Gilan province of northern Iran and is named after a small village there. Massal is a blend of three different techniques of fabric weaving from three different areas in northern Iran ( Kordi, Gilaki and Azeri Turki ). The fabrics were and are still being used as blankets and heavy warm clothing for the shepherds. They are weaved on special narrow looms in the homes of the weavers and sewed together to create the desired size. Edelgrund successfully mixed these old weaving techniques and developed this special collection. In addition to mixing different weaving techniques, different color yarns are used in the weft and warp of the weave to create the subtle color effects one experiences in the Collection. Usually, it’ s the design that makes the carpet special. In this case however, it’s the various weaves and colors that make it truly stand out.