Setting the tone at OCTO Impact Studio offices with the strong character of Woodnotes paper yarn carpets

Setting the tone at OCTO Impact Studio offices with the strong character of Woodnotes paper yarn carpets

The conversion and renovation of a former 1930s flat to an office space in Athens, that today houses the Business Consulting Company Octo Impact Studio, is the evocative project of architect Io Carydi and interior designer Yiannis Machairas, a talented duo that invited Aslanoglou to step in and dress their work with the final touches of a minimal and classic aesthetic.

The 135 sq.m. office space is filled with natural light reflected upon the art deco design and the intriguing wall color palette of cobalt blue and cool grey, here to support calmness and concentration. Taking the imagination a little further, the two architects turned to the spun paper yarn designs of the first ever company in the world to use it in functional textiles, the Finnish Company Woodnotes, founded back in 1987 by textile designer Ritva Puotila and her son, Mikko. By choosing the San Francisco and Panorama carpets, both designed by Ritva, they covered the floors of the office with a touch of rugged Finnish nature brought forth by the advanced technologies used by Woodnotes.



San Francisco’s design was granted an Interior Innovation Iconic Awards 2017 Best of Best for its asymmetrical combination of different vertical and horizontal stripes and squares creating a relaxed and easy style in any room. The architects chose it in colors perfectly matching the office interiors, allowing its 9cm fringes to offer a bohemian touch to the otherwise clean-cut deco. Panorama, on the other hand, carries bold stripes that remain unaffected by the length and width of the carpet, endowing the space it inhabits with a strong, assertive character. Woodnotes carpets are the ideal choice for office spaces, due to the density of the paper yarn fibres that collects neither dust nor dirt. Simplicity, harmony and functionality, the pillars of Finnish design, come into play at this beautiful office space in order to achieve the architects’ vision to support an unparalleled but at the same time subtle style.


Architect Io Carydi
Interior Designer Yiannis Machairas
Photo Credits Panagiotis Baxevanis