Aslanoglou helps architects revamp the Athens Plaza Hotel in style

Aslanoglou helps architects revamp the Athens Plaza Hotel in style

Standard guest room at the Athens Plaza | Velvet Classic Carpet by Toucan T
Standard guest room at the Athens Plaza | Velvet Classic Carpet by Toucan T

The renovation that took place at the Athens Plaza Hotel between 2016 and 2019 became a great opportunity for Aslanoglou to unfold their full potential: Covering every demand of both the project and the client, Aslanoglou achieved in dressing the hotel with high-end carpets that add a special character to the place, as well as create a qualitative base on which the hotel’s life can unfold effortlessly and beautifully. From the warmth of the carpets chosen by the architects for the rooms and suites to the tailor-made designs requested by the clients themselves for the bar and restaurant areas, this is a complete example of the diversity and multi-faceted nature of Aslanoglou. Enjoy!


Feeling comfortable with Toucan T’s Velvet Classic

A smooth finish and a relaxing, homey feel welcomes you as soon as you step foot into the standard guest rooms and suites of the hotel where, the Velvet Classic carpet by Toucan T allows for its 4mm depth of homogeneous smooth surface to invite you in. Made in Germany with 100% polyamide, Aslanoglou supported the architects in dressing the rooms with the mature and sturdy quality of this carpet that feels private and at the same time can handle the foot traffic and heavy duty required.

Athens Plaza Suite A | Velvet Classic Carpet by Toucan T


Athens Plaza Suite B | Gala Carpet by Toucan T


Creating character at the bar

Live music nights. Leather Chesterfield armchairs. 120 square meters of refined elegance. The Explorer’s Bar at the Athens Plaza Hotel demanded special attention to detail and a bold, daring character. True to the space’s original design, Aslanoglou was called in by the architectural team to create a design closely resembling the one originally covering the area. This time, the 80% wool and 20% polyamide Axminster carpet created from an archival, 7 color design by Desso Carpets, is a durable, heavy duty item specifically made for hotel usage, to ensure it will stay fresh and unique for a very very long time.

The Explorer’ s Bar at the Athens Plaza Hotel | Axminster Carpet by Desso Carpets


Following the client’s vision at the restaurant

It is called the Parliament Restaurant and it is the heart and soul of Athens Plaza Hotel’s state of mind. Aslanoglou, wishing to realize their client’s vision and complete the stylistic design planned out by the architects renovating the hotel, leaned once again on the reliable strength and beautiful quality of an Axminster carpet, made of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, from an archival, 4 color design by Desso Carpets. 200 square meters of on-demand uniqueness, achieved by Aslanoglou.

The Parliament Restaurant at the Athens Plaza | Axminster Carpet by Desso Carpets


The cosmopolitan mood of the corridors

If a restaurant is the heart of a hotel, its corridors are nothing less than its soul, leading guests into the safety of its embrace, the depth of its character. The 1,000 square meters of the Athens Plaza Hotel’s corridors were revamped in 2019, allowing Aslanoglou the freedom to suggest a special noise absorbent carpet that was placed in perfectly adjusted tiles. HOT SPOT by Toucan T has an ideal weight of 890 gr/square meters and a 100% polyamide quality that highly agreed with the architects’ demands for timeless beauty, contemporary design and high-tech

Athens Plaza Corridors | Carpet Tiles Hot Spot SPOT by Toucan T


Design and construction by AIRTEC ABETE
Athens Plaza Suite A designed by Yiorgo Merlo 
Athens Plaza Suite B designed by AIRTEC
Photo credits © Dimitris Skordas