Aslanoglou creates a unique rug, tailor made for an Athenian residence

Aslanoglou creates a unique rug, tailor made for an Athenian residence

One-off hand tufted carpet  by JoV
One-off hand tufted carpet by JoV

True to our quest of creating one-of-a-kind, remarkable living experiences, Aslanoglou invests in high-end aesthetics, all the while successfully supporting our partners’ vision with clarity, high technological standards, and unlimited creativity.

Recently, Aslanoglou took up the particular challenge of creating a one-off carpet made with Lyocel that would become the centrepiece of the dining room, in a residence located in the northern suburbs of Athens. Taking up 240 x 280 cm, this was a unique creation based on architect Eva Rapti’s designs and made by JoV ( following the method of hand tufting. Taking up the process step by step, in a unique creative dialogue with both the architect and the customer, Aslanoglou dedicated eight creative months to this special project, enjoying a fruitful and exciting exchange of ideas on colors, combinations and designs, as well as texture samples and materials.



This was an idea that started as an inspiration, coming from the fabric of the curtain in the room, gradually growing into the final result, offering Aslanoglou the joy of creation and the satisfaction of such a demanding task. A piece of art that reflects the company’ s love for technical perfection, always accompanied by meticulous attention to detail and endless imagination.

We should especially highlight the fact that our customer actively participated in the process, sharing the artistic joy and satisfaction that comes from creating a carpet so unique and fitting its surroundings, a work of art that is not to be found anywhere else!



Architect Eva Rapti
Carpet Design by Eva Rapti
Photo Credits Dimitris Skordas