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Hayon x Nani

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Hayon x Nani by Nani Marquina
Hayon x Nani by Nani Marquina

Designer Jaime Hayon created the perfect gift for celebrating 30 years of Nani Marquina: The Hayon x Nani is a collection that combines abstract dreaminess with a great sense of humour. After its creation with the hand tufting technique, every rug is treated with a manually operated pistol that injects pieces of wool to design fluid lines that follow the original sketch made by the designer. After a kaleidoscope of colors and random shapes grasps the eye, definitive forms come to life, such as turtles, hands, and even exotic creatures!

New Zealand wool

Hand tufted

80 × 240 cm, 170 × 240 cm, 200 × 300 cm, 120 × 130 cm