BLOG | 28 SEP 2023 :
Object Carpet – A match made in heaven!
BLOG | 28 SEP 2023

Object Carpet – A match made in heaven!



A match made in heaven!


Known for its dedication to products of the highest quality and its tendency to always explore new creative paths, ASLANOGLOU is now introducing its collaboration with premium design carpets brand OBJECT CARPET. A new era of style and comfort is about to begin!

Intense or toned-down hues, monochromatic and multicolored creations, contemporary or retro-inspired patterns, industrial designs and linear forms result in a plethoric collection that resonates with everyone, no matter their personal need or aesthetic. Luxurious fabrics like silk and sheepskin, artisan techniques and impeccable textures create an upscale universe of tangible joy, ready to infuse every possible space, from private residences to corporate headquarters, with elegance and a precious sense of coziness. High-end design and stylish functionality are our main sources of inspiration. 

We cannot wait for you to discover all that we have in store for you!