BLOG | 06 SEP 2021 :
Bomat, an original tale of craftsmanship and love
BLOG | 06 SEP 2021

Bomat, an original tale of craftsmanship and love

This very interesting brand seems to take the term “family business” very seriously.



Being raised by a father that had already formed a company with a partner in Tibet since 1983, due to his love for Asian culture, craftsmanship and colors, the two sisters, Amélie and Ann-Gaëlle Bekaert took charge of the company in 2019, foremost inheriting their father’s passion and the sense of family that connected him with the East.



Bomat’s design and development team are housed in Belgium, whereas its manufacturing facilities are in India. There, skilled weavers benefit from an in-factory training scheme, a contractual employment plan and special programs empowering women in need.



Bomat’s customer is an important part of this family: Each and every appreciator of the fine art of rugs and carpets made of the best materials, with waste that is reduced to the minimum and an innate respect for fibers, colors and craft.



Deeply hued and softly textured, each Bomat item is made in Bhadohi in India, where textile craftsmanship goes back centuries. Hand-woven or hand-tufted, with an acute attention to detail, each product is unique, with a touch and feel that follows the customer’s style: Rustic or refined, textured or silky, it is your choice to make, and Bomat’s responsibility to deliver. The company’s promise is to create a canvas for your life that will last for decades, offering an alternative to the consumerism we witness around us. And just as a promise made by family, Bomat makes sure to keep it.