BLOG | 10 DEC 2019 :
Meet Kristiina Lassus’ beautiful rugs!
BLOG | 10 DEC 2019

Meet Kristiina Lassus’ beautiful rugs!

Ala Black-Gold by Kristiina Lassus
Ala Black-Gold by Kristiina Lassus

ASLANOGLOU, in a constant quest for new and exciting partnerships that enhance their carpet collection of beautiful, diverse and aesthetically perfect designs, is introducing Rugs Kristiina Lassus, a name synonymous with a quest for perfect environments. The Finland-born, Milan based designer, is an interior architect with a large portfolio of works, an established and renowned talent that has also served as chair of several different design juries. After a long career in architecture, her focus became rugs, the practical works of art she designs and creates with a fruitful imagination and a steady mindset. Our newly featured collection of high-end hand knotted creations by this brilliant, awarded designer that expresses her elegant aesthetics in graceful and discreet patterns, fill the room with personality and beauty.

Every Kristiina Lassus Rug carries a deep love of travel, distant cultures, and also materials, colours, and nature, created by traditional methods with a modern insight, and designed to furnish living spaces where people understand and acknowledge the quality of true art. Speaking of design trends, this collection is the epitome of timeless elegance.


Akana Light beige – Grey green by Kristiina Lassus


Komo Dark Gold – Dark Brown by Kristiina Lassus


Tararu ‘Silver sand’ Golden beige & Sand-Grey green by Kristiina Lassus


Loom Light silver & Light grey-silver by Kristiina Lassus


Ozz Grey Beige-Brown-White by Kristiina Lassus


Koy Light grey – Natural white by Kristiina Lassus


Bukama Brown – Grey green by Kristiina Lassus